søndag 2. november 2008

7 truths

Du you dare to reveal 7 truths about yourself?

Trine dared me, so here I go...

1: I know the names on all the dogbreeds.
2: I belive I'm gonna die everytime I'm at the dentist!
3: I love driving all too fast!
4: I LOVE Hungary!
5: I hate my old house...
6: I love beeing home alone!
7: I once was in jail, over night that is...It's a long story...

I also want to dare some other people so reveal some truths about themselves, and here is how it works:

- Link to the person who dared you, tell 7 truths about yourself, dare 7 people and leave a message that they've been dared. You got no choice!

Here is who I dare:


2 hyggelige hilsner og kommentarer:

finnabair sa...

a surprise?
......and now it's my turn, right?!
well thanks :*
I've also got a surprise for you... I hope you'll like the idea:)
I'll write you an email - pease be so kind to answer:)

Lula sa...

ååå Denne så jeg ikke før nå*fnis* Hmmmm Skal prøve meg da...men redd jeg ikke kommer på noen "sjokkerende" nyheter. Jeg la ut dette i en lo en gang...hihi

I will try!